Friday, December 28, 2007


My friends that I took were Jaiden and Ashley. I chose to go to ChuckE.Cheese for my birthday party. Altogether, we got about 160 tokens to share.

We rode the roller coaster ride together, even though it only had seats for 2 people. I really liked it because it moved which way it showed on the screen and made it feel like we were really riding on it!

We got to sit by the stage and watch the characters sing. The pizza was pretty good, and mom brought Tinkerbell cupcakes from the store (we each got 2!!)

There was a really nice guy who worked there that tossed out tickets on the floor to me and my friends. He said they were raining from the sky!

I got 315 tickets after I used all my tokens. I turned them in and got this safe to keep stuff in. At first, we couldn't get the safe to work out, so we traded it for a different one. My mom helped me figure out how to open it. We had an awesome time!

Monday, September 24, 2007

My earrings

This was the day I finally got my ears pierced! I had to keep my room clean for 6 months, then I could go to the mall and get it done. I chose the pink flower earrings with a blue center. The first ear that was pierced hurt more than I thought it would, so I wanted her to count before she did the second one. My friend Ashley came with me, but she didn't get her ears pierced. We shopped in the store and I picked out 3 big packs of earrings and a display thing to keep them on. Now I have about 20 pairs! I can wear new earrings in 6 weeks.

I liked wearing clip on earrings before, but they always started to hurt after awhile. I hope my pierced earrings never hurt my ears. I like the dangling earrings, and Mom helped me find some that weren't too big that I could have for my collection. It was hard to believe after all that waiting that I finally got them pierced!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Story from Second Grade

Chapter 1: I meet the Easter Bunny
Once upon a time there I saw a easter bunny that had a very nice house and it was a king size house that was made out of easter eggs tall ones skinny ones fat ones small ones any size you could think of. But the easter bunny looked very worried and I wondered and wondered and it was almost easter and then I herd someone say
o lord please O please make my egg factory work again.
And then I new that if I didn't do something quick there would be no easter eggs and if there were no easter eggs on easter so I ran home as fast as I could back to my house to tell my mom and dad so I did but just as you now they didn't belive me. So I went to go tell my friend sara she's very nice and gess what? she did belive me but her mom didn't so she didn't let sara go with me. So I went back where I found him.
Chapter 2: I Go to Help Alone
I decided to go and see if I could help with anything so I did. And when I got there I was in shock so I allmost fanted because thare were big humunges eggs exploding out of the factory like fireworks on forth of July. So I went forward and knocked the humugo door and rang the humungo door bell.
And then I herd very sad footsteps coming down the stairs and finaly the doors started to open and ther he was still crying but he looked surprised and he started not to cry and looked like he was just about to run. But he didnt' and asked me what I wanted.
And I said
Well I saw you crying down there is there anything I can help with? I asked.
Then as cwick as an eye could blink he ran upstairs and I thought I herd some happy talking this time but I couldn't really hear him because he had a really small voice. It almost sounded like happy talking to me.
Chapter 3: The Foot Steps
Then I herd two happy footsteps running down the stairs. Finaly plop two little happy bunnies right in front of me. One was holding a basket with easter eggs in it with a bow on it too. But the other basket had easter carrots and easter flowers. And boy I was so filled with joy. Then they said
Here these are yours for helping us so dearly.
Thank you, I said, your so kind and much nicer than a real bunny or rabbit.
Well that's because that we know that you are going to help us. Because we have wached you befor and we know how much your love is.
Chapter 4: The Wonderful Secret
So come on in and we will show you around. First come over here and let me tell you this wonderful secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Only the poeple who believe in the easter bunny can see our castle. So now let's go inside and see if you can help us figure out what we need to ficks. So I did. So we stepped inside and
BOOOM!!!!!!!!! BOOOM!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!
Everything was a mess but the rabbits looked very happy and surprised and I saw that in there brains they saw a nice clean home. But that's not what I saw.
I saw a disaster with everything messed up everywhere and stuff plugged in the machine. The castle needed a good spring cleaning to get everything working right again.
Your castle is very nice, but what I see is that it's all messed up inside. I said.
It looks fine to us in here. The bunnies said.
Maybe so, but you need to understand that I see how messy it is and there are things stuck in the egg machines.
Get some cleaning stuff and shelves to put things away and get to work on cleaning. I will help you get organized.
Oh, thank you. Let's get working.
I think we're going to get done in no time. I said.
By easter, the castle and factory were the cleanest thing that you ever saw. Everyone was so amazed. The machines made wonderful eggs for Easter, the best ones yet.
I kept the secret safe with me, even if no one but me and sara believed.
The End

Monday, July 2, 2007

A Made Up Creation

This is my made up creation that I made in art class at school. My art teacher told us to just make any fun creation that wanted to on this graph paper. This is how mine turned out.

When I look at it, I see a cross with an x going through it. It reminds me of a stained glass window in a church.

Friday, June 29, 2007

My Grammy

My Grammy has a cat named Eeyore that is gray and white. We gave him to Grammy for Mother's Day when I was 1 and a half. I really liked playing with him. We gave her another orange cat, but he ran away and they could never find him.

I love watching cartoons at Grammy's house when I come to visit. Sometimes we get to have a little slumber party in the living room. I like to use her fancy punch outs and scissors to make cool crafts at her house.

My Grammy takes lots of pictures when I'm around. Once we went to Build-A-Bear and I got to make a white cat with a pink skirt and a white tank top with a pink crown on it and she had pink flip flops. I was so surprised when we first got there, and I couldn't pick out which one I wanted.

I am Grammy's first Grandchild. She and my mom are very good friends and talk on the phone a lot. Sometimes I talk to Grammy on the phone, too.

I like to play with her chalk outside and the swingset with the swinging rocking horse and a plain swing, baby swing and little slide. The basketball hoop is fun, too.

I really like to go riding on the 4 wheeler with Grandpa.

Tonight I'm going to Grammy's to meet some new friends. I hope we can play our new Apples to Apples game.

Caroline's Cooking

On Wednesday, I made this recipe called Tuna Risotto. It means "tuna with rice". The picture here is of me squeezing the garlic out in the pan. I squished it really hard and my mom had trouble getting out the pieces.

Next I had to stir it for a really, really long time. My arms started to hurt so mom and me took turns. When the chicken broth dried out, we had to put more chicken broth in and stir, stir, stir, stir, stir! Because it makes the rice creamy and soft. My mom makes risotto sometimes, but she says it's hard to make because it takes a lot of patience.

After all the stirring, we put in spinach, 2 cans of tuna that we drained out, and a bunch of parmesan cheese. We had peas and fresh apricots to go with this. Everybody really liked it and so did I. We decided that we wanted to make it more since everybody really liked it.

Mom and I found this recipe on the internet. It is cool that you can look for foods to make online. If you want to try our recipe on your family, here is the link:

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mrs.Day from second grade

I think that Mrs. Day is the best teacher in the whole world because she is gentle, kind, and very sweet.

One thing that I really liked doing with Mrs. Day and another second grade class was making paper out of old scraps that we already used that everybody ripped up. We soaked them in water for the whole day and the next day everybody got to put it on a screen like a screen door. We put it on a towel and let it dry. A couple weeks later we got to take them home.

Mrs. Day has 2 kids, and she told us funny stories about her family. One story she told was that her sons told her they were going to go out and play baseball with their dad. Then they shouted out, "come here, come here quick!" and she came outside and one of her sons had fake blood all over like one of them hit each other with the bat. She thought that he lost a tooth or got hurt really bad somewhere else. Then they started laughing and laughing and then they told her the joke for April Fool's Day.

Another joke she told us was that every night one of her sons went out and scared the other son and he freaked out. Mrs. Day heard him screaming upstairs and I think she just ignored it.

An important thing Mrs. Day taught me was about being respectful. Because then we would ruin things for the whole class just because we did something that wasn't respectful. She taught us times and a little bit of division.

Mrs. Day told me I was good at listening and being respectful. I saw on my high five sheet that she awarded me for good journals and writing stories.

(Mrs. Day, I hope you are having a good rest of the summer.) Love, Caroline

Sometime I will put some stories on my blog for everybody to read.

Who was your favorite teacher? Please leave me a comment to read about it.

Very New Cartoon Drawings

These are some silly cartoons that I made up at school in art class. We were only supposed to draw one little cartoon, but I just drew three. The paper looks old, but I just drew them at the end of the school year.

My art teacher told me that we should draw them in cartoon style, but I don't have any stories to go with them yet. I tried to pick rhyming names because I thought they would be funny for cartoons.

If you like my pictures, please give me a comment. Which one is your favorite? I can't pick, because I like all animals so much!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My first blog entry

I'm learning about computer this summer, and I wanted to get my own blog to create stuff on and share with my friends and family.

My favorites:
foods-ice cream, pizza, macaroni & cheese
colors-pink and blue
animals-all animals
sports-gymnastics & track
subject in school-art
things to do with dad-wrestle, jump on trampoline, play in front yard, go biking
things to do with mom-talk at night, morning walks, cooking supper, summer home school
things to do with brothers-play animals/pets, play house, play in back yard, trains

I have to go now. I'll write again soon!